Cryolabs has brought the first professional medical quality Whole Body Cryotherapy (“WBC”) chamber to the UK that is open to general members of the public. CryoLabs’ WBC Chamber is capable of operating continuously at temperatures down to -160C! Although the air in the Chamber is cooled by nitrogen it is only cooled air that enters the chamber itself so it is entirely safe and being “hospital grade” has all the safety features you would expect to be built in.

We officially opened our doors for business just over a month ago and we have been extremely pleased by the uptake not only from the sporting world but also the medical and beauty markets as well.

Our current clientele spans a spectrum from marathon runners (including one taking part in next weeks Marathon Des Sables consisting of 521kms over the Sahara Desert in 5 days!), martial arts fighters, cyclists, local sports clubs such as Poole Town FC and Bournemouth RFC, Fibromyalgia and MS sufferers and others suffering from chronic or short term pain and injuries as well as those simply trying to improve their general wellbeing.

Having managed and operated my own technology investment business out of London and other international business centers for the last 20 years it is refreshing to be starting a new and exciting venture here in Poole. I will not miss the travel!

I founded CryoLabs after reading about Leicester City Football Clubs’ amazing run of success after installing a WBC unit at their training ground with 9 games remaining of the 2014/15 season following which they went on an amazing run of 7 wins out of those last 9 games to avoid relegation and then proceeded to win the premier league the very next season.

Of course most of the other premier league football clubs have now joined the bandwagon and installed their own WBC chambers along with several leading English premier rugby clubs and the national football and rugby teams.

I was intrigued and had to learn more. I found that WBC was invented in Japan in the late 70’s and was then taken by the Russians into the old Soviet Bloc in the 80’s where the National Health equivalents of East Germany (now Germany) and Poland have used them as a mainstay therapeutic for a wide variety of medical conditions (including MS, arthritis and fibromyalgia) for the past 3 decades.

Despite this our use of WBC in the UK has been limited to the elite sports field and even then only in the last 5 years.

I felt that if I was going to provide WBC treatments I would have to do it properly and provide a professional grade chamber that could actually deliver the benefits others can only claim.

One recent client that had just suffered a relapse of her fibromyalgia and was expecting to be off work for “her usual period of 1-3 weeks” emailed us the day after her treatment in our chamber saying:

“I feel fab today, can’t believe what a difference it has made as usually I am out of action for 1-3 weeks. Thank you very happy and I slept last night!.”

In my next blogs I shall provide further insights into the benefits of Cryotherapy, those using it and the important differences between our chamber and those operated by others.