As well as its proven benefits in the Health and Sports fields Cryotherapy has recently been causing a stir in the Beauty market. This is primarily due to its amazing benefits to the skin and its use in the Health market to treat conditions such as Psoriasis, Exzema, Acne and post operative scarring.
In simple terms the reason WBC Cryotherapy is so good for the skin is that whilst your body is exposed to the extreme cold inside the chamber the brain is tricked into thinking the body is being “attacked” and that the outer layer of skin “is dying”. As a reaction to this when you come out of the chamber the brain forces the body to produce large quantities of collagen to repair what it thought was “damaged” skin.
The result you then get is plumper, firmer, rejuvenated skin.
But this is where the type of chamber is important. As previously mentioned the best proven therapeutic temperature for any condition is -135c. If you increase this temperature to even -100c you lose 10 times the benefits. As such electrically cooled “saunas” that generally operate at -80c (although technically capable of reaching -100c in “perfect” conditions) are incapable of providing the same benefits.
Similarly the nitrogen chilled but miss-named “whole body” cryo pods which can operate at temps down to -120c (at least at the bottom of the pod!) cannot “trick” the body into the same reaction as the head remains outside at room temperature.
This is why I chose the professional medical quality Chamber used in hospitals in parts of Europe in order to ensure I could deliver the claimed benefits from Cryotherapy at CryoLabs. We have the only Chamber like this in the UK that is open to general members of the public.