It has been a busy time for us since my last Blog.

We have been inundated with marathon runners getting ready for both the London Marathon last weekend. As if one marathon is not enough, we had ultra runner, Mark Hillier visit us on several occasions on the lead up to his successful participation in the Marathon Des Sables in the Southern Sahara desert. This comprises of running approx. 250km over 6 days with an 80km stage thrown in for good measure. Mark finished a very credible 394th out of a total of 934 who managed to finished the race. Many more started so very well done to Mark!

In addition we have seen a significant rise in the number of clients coming to us for medical rather than sporting reasons. This includes those suffering from Fibromyalgia, MS and Chronic Pain conditions and we have been really pleased to have them experience very good and positive reactions to the sessions.

We have also had a few customers from the Emergency Services – I take this opportunity to remind all those serving in the Military or the emergency services that we have special discounted rates that apply to them. Call us on 01202 611201 for further details.

Finally a special mention to two of our pro boxer clients, Jake Best and Ian Weaver, who both won their fights at the weekend. Well done to both!