Whether its the heat outside or just a greater awareness that the CryoLabs Hub is here, we have had our busiest month so far with nearly 250 people coming through our door in July. Many thanks to all our customers and for your positive and kind feedback.

What has been most pleasing for us has been the beneficial effects many have experienced from having a cryotherapy session or sessions with us.

From Sharon who came to us shortly after her ACL knee reconstruction surgery and whose surgeon was amazed when she went back to him after 1 month to find she was already cycling and swimming and had total use of her knee. He estimated that she was at least 4 months ahead of his recovery schedule for her. To Audrey who came to us with Osteoarthritis having not been able to make a fist or put her hands on her head for years. Within a minute of coming out of her first session she was calling her husband in from the car park to show him that she could open and close her fingers and easily put both her hands on top of her head. She was looking forward to brushing her own hair for the first time in years!

We have had many similar stories in between including many people with Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis and eczema who have had similar positive responses.

We remain the only facility in the UK where members of the public can access a professional clinical quality cryotherapy chamber. There is a significant difference between the electrically cooled cryo-saunas which simply can’t get to the optimum temperatures needed to be of any therapeutic benefit or the “headless cryo-pods” operated by others and our own professional clinical quality chamber which is capable of operating at temperatures well below the optimum for therapeutic benefit.

Anyone with any questions about cryotherapy or what CryoLabs may be able to do for you should call me on 01202 611201 for further information.

I look forward to welcoming all existing or new customers to the Hub!