“Freezing with Friends”

IMG_2777 We have now started the second half of our first year! In the first 6 months more than 1,000 people have [...]

Summer is Here!

Whether its the heat outside or just a greater awareness that the CryoLabs Hub is here, we have had our busiest month [...]

Getting busier at the CryoLabs Hub…

It has been a busy time for us since my last Blog. We have been inundated with marathon runners getting ready for [...]

Cryotherapy: The effects on your skin…

As well as its proven benefits in the Health and Sports fields Cryotherapy has recently been causing a stir in the Beauty [...]

Ian Watson, CryoLabs.

Cryolabs has brought the first professional medical quality Whole Body Cryotherapy (“WBC”) chamber to the UK that is open to general members [...]