Cryo Chamber

The CryoLabs cryotherapy chambers consists of two separate rooms the first for pre-cooling with an average temperature of minus 80 degrees centigrade for acclimatization and prepares the body for the next stage. The pre-chamber leads into the second and main treatment chamber cooled to an average temperature of minus 135 degrees centigrade. This temperature is the optimum proven for beneficial therapeutic use.

Other cryotherapy “pods” or “single body” chambers (which generally operate at temperatures down to only minus 100 degrees centigrade) cannot achieve the low therapeutic temperatures of our professional CryoAction Chambers and as a consequence cannot deliver the benefits ours can. Research shows that increasing the temperature of the main chamber from minus 135 degrees centigrade to minus 100 degrees centigrade reduces the benefits ten fold!

Despite the extreme low temperatures due to the dry air the environment is not unpleasant and is much more comfortable than, for example, physical immersion in an ice bath where the temperature range is only minus 2 to minus 5 degrees centigrade! A typical cryo session lasts approximately 3 minutes with 30 seconds being spent in the pre chamber for acclimatization and the remaining 2.5 minutes in the main chamber itself. A trained member of staff observes every session and the chambers are wired for sound and video.

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