Cryotherapy is being used more and more in the Beauty sector due to its beneficial effects on skin care and conditioning, weight loss, anti cellulite and de-toxing properties. It is claimed that cryotherapy can attenuate some age related skin deterioration.

Skin Care & Conditioning

By activating microcirculation through vasoconstriction skin is rejuvenated, collagen production is stimulated reducing wrinkles, smoothing the complexion, tightening pores, reducing the effect of orange peel cellulite and tackling impurities and sun spots. The extreme cold boosts the flow of oxygen in the blood and collagen production plumping, firming and renewing the skin making you look great!

Weight Loss

As the body gets colder it uses more energy to keep itself warm and this increase in the base metabolic rate helps to burn calories faster. A typical 3 minute Cryo session can burn anything from 300-800 callories depending on the individual characteristics of each person.

Anti Cellulite and De-Toxing

The activation of blood circulation instigated by the WBC improves tissue irrigation helping eliminate fat through the lymphatic system. Blood activation promotes cellular exchange contributing to the elimination of toxins in the system.