A typical cryotherapy treatment lasts approximately 3.5 minutes with 30 seconds being spent in the pre-chamber and the balance of 3 minutes in the main chamber. A trained member of staff observes each and every session and the chambers are wired for sound and video.

Required clothing for users includes:

  • cotton shorts for men (or similar for women);
  • sports support top for women, bikini or swimsuit (no metal or underwiring)
  • a face mask; *
  • a hat or head band (to cover ears); *
  • cotton gloves; *
  • knee length socks; and *
  • rubber clogs or similar footwear *

provided by Cryolabs *

All jewellery and metal objects (such as piercings) will have to be removed before treatments and you should be completely dry before entering the chamber.

It is recommended that you do not consume any food or have drinks which have caffeine in them within two hours prior to treatment.

Prior to any treatment session users will be required to fill out a general medical health questionnaire and a consent to treatment form. These can be filled out on arrival or requested in advance and brought with you to the CryoLab.

There are a few conditions that will prevent you from using cryotherapy as a treatment these are listed on the general medical health questionnaire. If you have any of these conditions you will not be allowed to have any treatments whilst those conditions prevail.